Print media is the most cost effective and efficient method of advertising today. It allows you to communicate with an individual on a one-to-one basis.

Some of the benefits of using Lazo Cultural are:

We totally saturate the Hispanic market

We print 10,000 monthly copies of Lazo Cultural in Michigan, and have a supplement in our sister publication, La Prensa in Ohio that prints 12,000 copies for a total of 22,000 printed copies. With a readership multiplier of 3.6 we can help you reach up to 79,200 potential Hispanic monthly readers.

Recognized writers

Our editorial content consist of issues of interest to the Hispanic community by recognized writers and columnists from different countries. Our advise columns on topics such as; immigration, economy, and fashion among others, are often saved by our readers for future reference. That means your advertisements will have a higher retention rate than advertisements that get thrown out after the first viewing.

Lazo Cultural is published monthly

This benefit coupled with the highest retention rate in the industry means your offers are more likely to be seen.

Lazo Cultural is tangible

It gives your business a physical presence in your customer’s home or office.

Branding Benefits

By placing your ad in Lazo Cultural, you are getting your company name out to the public and are being seen, effectively deepening brand recognition.

One thing that you have to remember

No matter how good your ad looks or how many people it reaches, your offer is the most important part.